Resolutions 2015

Why make New Year’s resolutions?

One could argue that you shouldn't wait until midnight of the end of a Gregorian year to instill changes in your life. I’ll admit this is a true statement; you could be a new and better you tomorrow. All you have to do is wish for it and there you are. A new and better you. Of course we all know that isn't how life work; in order to create new habits in our lives or instill any kind of change it takes effort, planning and some degree of self-trickery to change homeostasis. Even so, why the New Year? Well… why not? The fact of the matter is that in order to set a goal, also known as “a dream with a deadline”, we have to set a time scale on achieving it. Otherwise it is nothing more but wishful thinking. That is not to say you couldn't set up daily goals, weekly, or monthly goals (aka 30 day challenges). We cannot forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, make sure our boat called Vita remains true to its course.

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