January Unlocked

I can not stress how powerful the act of writing has been in shaping the month of January for me. The five minute journal, which accounted for my first 30 day challenge, helped me assess my priorities and shed light onto both my strengths and weakness. This has been an experiment in positive psychology, habit building, the quantifiable self, and much more.

For those who are not familiar with the five minute journal I implore you check it out at http://www.fiveminutejournal.com/ and learn more about it, or see an earlier post I had made.

Having completed the 30 day challenge I was pretty thrilled, but I was interested in quantifying the results. So I decided to put together an infographic and get a deeper understanding in numbers ...

It's pretty obvious that one reoccurring theme has been Sam and the days we spent together she was always the first and last thing on my mind. 

Yet January was not without its adversities. I am continuing to search for work satisfaction or rather freedom from work. January marks the first month that my new consulting company, ParaCorp, is operational with a few clients already on the books. This is largely still a work in progress but I'm excited at the prospect of not only additional income but the entrepreneurial spirit that has been rekindled by it. In parallel I am also developing a new product that will take several months to complete and as a result I am finding myself quite frequently frustrated by the overall lack of productivity and/or progress on a day by day basis. 

In conclusion I believe that there are tremendous benefits to sandwiching your day with positive thoughts; yet I was not able to achieve any sense of enlightenment through practice of gratitude. I will stick with the journal until I've used up every last page as it will perfectly complement my new morning practice of mindfulness.